Suriny Rice Bran Oil


Founded in 1990 in Surin, Thailand.

1991: Full operations of the first rice bran extraction plant with capacity of 50 tons rice bran/day
1993: The second rice bran extraction plant was operational with a capacity of 120 tons/day
1995: The refining plant was built and started operation with a capacity of refining 30 tons of crude oil/day
1998: The third rice bran extraction plant was built with additional capacity up to 200 tons rice bran/day
2008: The total capacity of extraction equaled 40,000 liters/day





Manufacturing & Quality Certification


  • GMP-SGS System Certification

  • HACCP-SGS System Certification

  • Swiss Vitamin Institute - Lausanne










Manufacturing Processes

Extraction Process


The bran is extracted from Thai Jasmine Rice in the rice milling plant, and then it is: 

  • Heated to reduce the moisture and undergoes the solvent extraction process
  • Toasted to evaporate the solvent and discharged to the rice bran stock tank
  • The extracted oil is pumped through the evaporators and heated to remove the solvent
  • Crude Rice Bran Oil is finally filtered and stored in tanks to await the refining process


Physical Refining Process


The Crude Rice Bran Oil, subsequently undergoes the following refining process before it is bottled :

  • Degumming and neutralization : using Alfa-Laval Separators
  • Bleaching : using filter leaves
  • Deodorizing : using superheat steam as heating media
  • Dewaxing
  • ColdĀ Filtering (Winterisation)
  • Packaging