International Awards

Suriny Rice Bran oil has been recognized internationally at exhibitions:


    • Salima Exhibitions (Central EU), Brno, Czech Republic
    • International Taste & Quality Institute (ITQI), Brussels, Belgium
    • International Food Exhibition (IFE), Warsaw, Poland





Comments from the ITQI Judges - panel of prominent Chefs:


“This bran oil is neutral, vegetable aromas is almost imperceptible. Can therefore be used in a variety of top culinary preparations”.
“Very refined and well balanced bran oil, very delicately flavoured.”
“Lovely colour, neutral smell, but delightful consistency.“
“Brilliant. Most pleasing to the eye.”
“Light nutty notes in aftertaste.”
“Nice velvety feel on midpalate, not sticky at all.”
”Good clean, healthy, pure and fresh taste. Promising product.”